How We Began~

This charity was started in memory of Brittany Taylor Daniels, who on January 28, 2002 lost her life unexpectedly due to a fatal strain of strep. Brittany was the youngest of 3 children and the only girl. Although her parents were told that both of her brothers, were going to be girls also. So naturally the girlie clothes, came pouring in for baby #1, who turned out to be her oldest brother Brandon... for baby #2, who turned out to be her other brother Austin.  So, when Brittany finally did arrive and was indeed a baby girl... her closet was filled to the brim with cute little clothes. As she grew, I would joke that she could clothe the neighborhood, with all of the clothes that were in her closet. However, it did come in handy, since she really loved playing dress up with her friends. After her passing a dear friend (Lynn Seeden) -who at that time was the President of the Founatin Valley Kiwanis Club- stopped by to visit and share with me that their club had a special project that helped clothe children in need and asked if they could honor Brittany's memory by renaming it after her. Since she had seen Brittany's tiny closet buldging with clothes also, we decided that "Brittany's Closet" just seemed the obviously perfect moniker.


How We Make A Difference~

Brittany’s Closet believes that no child should be hindered in their educational and social development, due to a lack of self-esteem stemming from distractions, caused by not having the necessary and appropriate clothing. With our fundraising efforts, monetary donations, event sponsors and generous community and volunteer support, we hold our shopping events throughout the year.  At the event we pair up school-aged children Kindergarten through 6th grade, with adult volunteers as their personal shopper for a few hours. Each volunteer/child is provided a generous budget to shop for necessities, (i.e. clothing, shoes, undergarments, school supplies, etc.)  After coming as close as possible to the budget you are given, you make your way to a pre-designated register and Brittany's Closet pays the bill.  Everyone involved walks away with a smile on their face, warmth in their heart and the memories of an event that not only blessed a child, but the volunteers as well! We are committed to kindness, respect, dignity and compassion with every interaction. If you know a child in need or would like to donate time or resources we welcome both.


Brittany's Closet is 100% committed to:

  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Dignity
  • Service
  • Integrity

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