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Volunteer Agreement

If Brittany's Closet agrees to accept the services of [provide name above], we commit to the following:

  1. To treat the volunteer as a partner with charity staff, jointly responsible for the successful execution of the charity mission.
  2. To communicate information in a timely and efficient manner, so the consistency of our brand remains strong.
  3. To be receptive to suggestions from the volunteer, regarding ways in which we might make the BC experience even better.
  4. To ensure comprehensive supervisory assistance to the volunteer and provide constructive feedback.
  5. To respect the skills and individual contributions of the volunteer, through acknowledgment and recognition.

It is understood and agreed upon by Brittany's Closet and the volunteer, that should the volunteer become an Area Ambassador for Brittany's Closet, the relationship that will be entered into, will be one of volunteerism and not employment; and that both parties agree there will be no payment or fringe benefits will be exchanged or enjoyed; and that either party may terminate the volunteer services at any time, with or without cause and without prior notice; and that volunteers are at no time during or after their service, permitted to disclose any form of confidential information relating to clients, donors or staff of Brittany's Closet.

IRS Regulation 501 (c)(3) Federal Tax ID #47-5066773

"Brittany's Closet is the legacy of a little girl who, though she is not present physically, is changing the lives of so many." ~Kaitlyn