Volunteer Quotes

"Brittany's Closet is the legacy of a little girl who, though she is not present physically, she is changing the lives of many." ~Kaitlyn Piantoni


"Volunteering for Brittany's Closet was a blast!!! I'm not a big fan of going shopping, but I had the best time helping the little girl I was paired with, pick out much needed clothing for the school year. She started out quiet but finished, talking up a storm and Loving all of her new clothes!!!"                    ~Lynne Vanover


My son Parker decided one year for his birthday that instead of presents, he wanted to ask family and friends for money. The money was not for him, he wanted to donate it to Brittany's Closet, which he had read about. As a parent, I was beaming with pride. He collected $325 from generous family and friends. An anonymous donor matched his donation. Parker was besides himself. We got to participate in the Brittany's Closet shopping event that year and we had a blast. This year my husband, Parker, my 6 yr old daughter and I were fortunate to all participate in this special shopping event. It was such a great experience for our family. Brittany's Closet has become a part of our lives!   ~Angela Kendig


"As a teacher, I often see students in need, and am overwhelmed as to how to help them. Brittany's Closet gave me a hands-on opportunity to do just that. Shopping "with" a child and allowing her to pick out clothing that demonstrated her personal style was so rewarding. She hugged me and thanked me for helping her pick out her first day of school outfit! I know she walked into school that day with confidence because of Brittany's Closet."     ~ Lisa Valencia


"It was truly a blessing to be able to help the little boy I was paired with, through Brittany's Closet. I so enjoyed watching his excitement grow as we shopped together and how he warmed up to me, with his beautiful smile. The benefit for me was far greater, I think, than it was for him. Couldn't be easier to give a couple hours of your time to touch a small life!"   ~Tammy Grooms


"I thoroughly enjoy every opportunity I have had to be part of Brittany's Closet. It is a joy to honor the life of Beautiful little girl, by bringing love and happiness to the children shopping, as well as to those helping them. What a beautiful legacy! This event changes the lives of all involved for the better. I look forward to being apart of many more."            ~Nicole Williams


“I enjoyed being a part of the excitement for the kids as they shop. I have shopped with a child on my own and with my wife and either way, it is a rewarding feeling to see the expressions on their faces.  Doing such a seemingly small act of kindness on your part, brings great joy and happiness to a child’s life. Men... this event isn't just for the girls, you will have fun shopping too!”    ~Kevin Williams 


"Brittany's Closet is a true blessing for many kids who might not have an opportunity to shop for a new wardrobe, neccessities or even school supplies. It warms my heart to see the smile on the kids faces and their excitement as we shop together. Thanks for the opportunity to help others! It's one of lifes most rewarding gifts. I look forward to the next event! " ~Araceli Henderson


"I love working with Brittany's Closet, because I love what it represents: Clothing Children; Creating Confidence; Changing Lives!  The joy I see on the childrens faces, when they get to pick out their very own new things is heartwarming."    ~Shelia Fedrick

"I am always honored to remember your precious girl, by bringing joy to others. I walk away from each event with a renewed spirit and immense satisfaction and gratitude. There is no other day like a Brittany's Closet day!" ~Kimber Merati


There's no better way to spend a few hours of your morning, than shopping with a child and helping them pick out the cutest outfits and then celebrating the successful shopping extravaganza with cupcakes. To describe this event as Amazing is an understatement!   ~Alicia Davis


"It was truly a blessing to be part of a Brittany's Closet shopping event this year. My heart was filled with love that day. I loved picking out cute outfits, with the adorable little girl I was paired with. She was truly appreciative for the opportunity to have a shopping day, just for her.  I look forward to being a part of many future events."  ~Lillian Velazquez


"My first shopping trip with Brittany's Closet many years ago, we worked our budget out quite well... we even had enough left to buy a card of 6 pairs of littel girl appropriate earrings (and two extra Justin Bieber tee-shirts!) Since that first shopping event... I am a shopping pro!"  ~ Pam Powers 


Shopping with Brittany’s Closet is a tradition with my family and a heartfelt way to serve together every year. As a child I remember that anticipation of wearing a new outfit to the first day of school, showing off my back pack and shiny new school supplies! What a gift to be able to provide this feeling to kids that wouldn’t necessarily be able to afford to do that! The smiles on their faces when they are handed their bags of clothes as we leave the store is priceless!! Brittany’s memory is living on with every smile she gives to these kids and to all the volunteers that make it happen!! I am honored to be able to do this act of kindness annually!  ~Kim St. Laurent


"Not much compares to the excitement for a child, then having a special day to shop for clothes for themselves! A million thanks to Brittany's Closet for clothing the children and allowing us as volunteers, to serve and share in this joy!" ~Sandy Curry 

(Sandy is also teaching her 6 year old daughter Petra, the powerful lesson of compaassion and giving back at an early age. Sandy said "Petra, loves joining me for Brittany's Closet and I'm so grateful that you allow her to participate! Brittany's life is a blessing to so many children including Petra's!") Petra said: "I love going to Brittany's Closet with you mommy and I'm sad when it's over, because it's so fun to help the kids shop and have a special day." 

"Here is a true example of how God can turn something so tragic into a blessing for so many. I have loved my experiences shopping with the children during the Brittany's Closet events. Especially when my daughter Kaitlyn and I can participate together! Just to see the joy on the children's faces as they picked out clothes, shoes, school supplies, or whatever basic necessities are needed, makes my heart happy. Volunteers that help with Brittany's Closet are beyond blessed, to be able to share in the experience of bringing hope and love to the many children in need."  ~AnnMarie Piantoni


"Brittany's Closet is a blessing for anyone who participates, whether you are a volunteer or a child recipient. For the children it is an opportunity to make their own decisions, with guidance from their volunteer, as they choose new school clothes and everyday neccessities. For the volunteers it is a heartwarming experience to connect with a child and give a little of your time to help a child in need. Such a wonderful tribute to sweet Brittany and her love of playing 'dress-up.' We encourage anyone to volunteer at a Brittany's Closet event. You will be glad you did!"                                                         ~The Huff family: Tom, Lisa and Erin


"To watch the kids start out so shy when you first meet them and are shopping with them. Then to see them blossom, as they start picking out new clothes and shoes they like is truly amazing! By the end of the shopping spree everyone is smiling and the kids are so excited, to see their shopping carts full!"   ~Susan Derrick


"Volunteering for the Brittany's Closet Shopping Event was so amazing! It was so much fun to be paired up with the sweetest little girl and go shopping for new clothes just for her, that she said "she could have never afforded" were her exact words. This sweet girl said "I am so happy I could scream my head off" and she did scream with giddiness! My heart has been forever changed! Because of Brittany's Closet, Children have experienced unconditional love and the gift of compassion. It is truly a blessing and an honor to be a part of Brittany's Closet."   ~Lilly Marks


"Brittany's Closet not only honors the memory of a precious little girl in a very special way, it also puts huge smiles on the many faces of the girls and boys that get to participate. It seems like yesterday that she and Mary Kate were there watching their brothers’ Little League games, all dressed up... now through Brittany's Closet, she is providing a way for others to feel good about what they have to wear as well!  I am honored to be a part of this legacy!  ~Terri Simes


I’ve been photographing Brittany’s Closet events since September 2009 and have enjoyed every one of them. I see shoppers paired with children at the start as strangers and I see friends come through the checkout line at the end. Each volunteer that participates in these events, is changed forever and for the better. By the simple act of helping a child find new clothes, shoes, coats and supplies for school.  As long as I’m able to, I will photograph each and every Brittany’s Closet Event with pride!    ~Kerry Frank


"Brittany's Closet was one of my favorite events with Kiwanis. It is a time where I got to have a direct impact on a child's life, one on one. I counted those 60-90 minutes of shopping as sacred. I always wanted to make sure that whatever hardships or sorrows that child was going through were forgotten. I wanted the only thing on their mind to be, 'I am getting new clothes with a person who cares about me and I will look so awesome on the first day of school this year!'"    ~Grady Kerr



The order of the pictures below, corresponds to the volunteers who have shared their thoughts above!  Even though only one picture is displayed, most have participated in numerous events throughout the years. (You can click on each picture to make it larger.)  We thank all of our volunteers for your support and kind hearts!  If you would like to share your experience, go to our "Contact Us" page and in subject line, choose "My Quote" from the drop down menu.