With Gratitude Quotes

February 3, 2015
Dear Brittany's Closet: several years ago, I was a struggling single mother who worked, while trying to put myself through school. It was TOUGH and there was much my son and I did without, as I fought to make our lives better. Two years in a row, my son's name was chosen at his elementary school (p.s. he's now in college himself) to be one of the recipients of this charity event. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to have so many caring individuals reach out and I was deeply humbled by the generosity, time, and compassion shown to us. I was truly touched and work daily to do my best to pay it forward in the career path I followed after graduating college myself. Thank you, and many blessings to you for all you do!


"Representing Brittany's Closet and the Fountain Valley Kiwanis Club in the Mr. Fountain Valley Pageant was an honor for me. While I know some of the sponsorships were gained from my own handsomeness and charm, the great majority were from from those who knew and loved Brittany and wanted to make sure that her memory endured and that she could continue to be a blessing in the loves of others, just as she was a blessing in theirs."  ~Grady Kerr

(A HUGE Thank you to Grady Kerr with Kiwanis Club of Fountain Valley for being such a good sport and all of his hard work, before and at the Mr. Fountain Valley Pageant. Not only did he raise funds for our events, but he also raised awareness. He was crowned 1st Runner Up!! Thank you and Congratulations Grady!)


In 2008 the Fountain Valley Firefighters Association - lead by then Captain Joe Cuccinotti - chose "Brittany's Closet" as their extremely fortunate recipient of a VERY generous donation of $25k raised at their annual golf tournament. That check provided the funds to sponsor two shopping events per year (for 25 children per event for 5 years), through 2013. We are forever grateful for their generosity, kindness, compassion and service to our community! (Capt. Cuccinotti and his squad were the first responders to my 911 call for Brittany and he and his beautiful family, are now my Forever Friends!)      ~ Rita Daniels (Brittany's Mom)

picture of check